Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hati Gundah gulana

Wah...kenapa tiba-tiba malam ni hati saya gundah gulana?

Siapa yang ada dalam fikiran saya sekarang?
Papa ku
Mama ku..

Adik kecik ku...

Kakak ku...

Adik besar ku..

Firstly,I was thinking about my father..When will he come back here(Kuching)?Hmm..few things need to sort out with him..

Secondly,because of my bad feeling..suddenly my mum face flashed in my memory..oh mama,how i miss u badly..It is so happy if i can talk to u while I'm not ok..sharing any stories of my friends and my study..I miss the moment when i told u about my friends ,what I have to study  for the year through , and also my problems..I have no chance to share my campus life with you..Father don't have much time to hear from me...So, I keep my stories,experiences that I had gained , alone..sometime I let my tears out before i close my eyes (before I sleep).

Thirdly, I had tried to call my lil youngest brother. So bad..not connected..what happened to you baby?How are you?went to school last friday?Haven't prepare your uniform for tomorrow? Had u done your homework?

Next, because of my failure to call my lil youngest brother,so,I called my sister..twice...nobody answer me..third sis voice was on the line..I ask her about my lil youngest brother,did she contacted him before? Yup,she had tried for it..and the result was the same like mine..not connected..we assumed that, his cellphone had run out of battery..never mind..we can call my uncle..

About my big brother..nothing much I should worry..just..miss him...

Finally..I was thinking..and keep thinking...when will we be togethered once again?Everyone of us had left our hometown..for study and job..hmm...It was so sad to live here alone..and  very seldom to meet each other...

I feel so down while I'm doing this entry because I miss them so much..Here,deep in my heart..

*Rasa lebih mudah nak luahkan perasaan dengan bahasa Inggeris..takpe terabur...yang penting apa yang kat hati dah diluah..

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