Thursday, September 17, 2015

Right aim bring to right path

This morning,I watched a national geographic series on the story of Aaron Swartz who is a computer programmer that had died at a very young age,26 years old after all of struggles he had been facing against the government who had charged him over the crimes and faults that government had look for to charge on him not what he really had did the crimes.
His story is amazing as it pictured a very talented brilliant kid then grown up man who could own the world through his ability with his invention and innovation but he prefer not to do so..We are enjoying today world wide web for free because the man who invented it,Tim Berner Lee(Aaron's mentor) decided to give it for free instead of make us buy in order to use it like what Bill Gates had done for his Microsoft.
Paraphrasing what Aaron had wrote in his early age of becoming well known of his ability,he want to make this world as a better place and guess what,he hold the words and live up with it until the end of his life.His right aim had lead him to the right path.. The spirit that he had while he is alive does not end with his death...this is what people says..usia mungkin telah terhenti..tapi umurnya berpanjangan kerana jasa dan budinya membuatkannya disebut-sebut bertahun lamanya..