Thursday, February 6, 2014

Trading with God

Well people, I am going to write in English for this article. Please forgive my grammar and vocabulary mistake.

Guess what am I going to write this time? A 'klise' personal story of mine ? Yeah, absolutely right. Many great people keep revising their own history books. As they went through the 'books', then they find answers for today question. So do I.

I gave a thought of what happened to me last few months, starting from the incident of broken leg. Remembering the sad morning before I knocked down by that car, I realized it is just like I had prepared for it. Starting from very unusual way to go for classes which I usually ride a bus not by riding a motorbike, but that day, I decided to ride my motorbike instead of riding a bus. Before I left my room, I pick my matric card, a 10 ringgit note and my IC, inserted in my left blouse pocket. What a coincidence, I need all of that for the treatment registration at the Hospital and University Health Center.

My sister came to assist me. About 2 months and half, she was there acting as my maid and driver. I appreciate all the hard work of her and having great patience in assisting injured cripple sister. Towards the end of her present, I started to sense something had changed. My sister. She had changed herself into someone else. Someone who has more passion to know her own religion. She is now understand the important of dakwah. What a great thing for me to know now I can share my thought in dakwah with my family member. Taking care of me gave her chances to attend Islamic classes and programs where back in my hometown there's very low numbers of such activities.

I remember my dua to Allah. I asked Allah to grant my family hidayah even the cost of the hidayah is my life. I broke my leg and my sister have chances to uplift her spirit in dakwah and upgrading her knowledge regarding our religion. Thus,I think it is worth enough to have a broken leg. Might be that is part of the price that I should pay for the hidayah that Allah gives to my sister. Lol. It actually priceless.

All of this remind me the story of prophet Musa alaihisalam, asking for Harun as his companion. Harun was there, by prophet Musa's side, giving morale support for him, together they face Firaun. Prophet Musa didn't asked for a very muscular strong man that could beat Firaun by just one punch on his face, what he asked was a companion that come from his family members. important your family members are in doing dakwah... Thank you Allah for giving us chance to feel the same. Allah is the greatest!