Monday, October 31, 2016

It was hard, but worth it

Kayuh basikal pelan-pelan,
Sambil makan buah rambutan,
Pahit kehidupan harus ditelan,
Supaya hidup dapat diteruskan.

Thanks to Allah swt, for all nikmah that had given to me and blessed that I had received, I managed to obtain my Bachelor Degree of Horticultural Science after four years of study.
Through years that I had passed, most brilliant experience that I had gained was 'self control'. Not all of us know how much self control mean to us. Without this ability, its not going to only affect us, but people around us. 

Self control mean for me, I am able to make good choice when giving separate situations, decide the best for now and then, I am able to behave accordingly to the situation.Second point is very important for me as I am originally introvert who is forcing myself to become ambivert and trying to control over shyness, antisocial behavior to become someone talkative and be more social to everyone around me. People who had known me during my degree years won't believe if I say I am introvert, much probably because I was an active person in every aspect, its actually I am being aggressive and defensive..just forget about this personality classification... I am just I am..I still have emotion though people think I am a 'rock' or 'stone'. No man! Just being wise and realistic though..

Now, I start a new phase of my life,unemployed and still dependent on my father giving me monthly allowance and doing master degree which just started. Every week so far was less motivated and lazy weeks anyway..looking for motivation and new aspiration to work harder..

And..I want to continue my writing in this blog to lower down my stress load..yeah absolutely..when your environment change, stress happen...

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