Thursday, May 9, 2013

One of my dream that Allah s.w.t knows..

It is normal for us to be dreaming of something regarding our future. What I mean with dream is something that I really hope to be happen in my reality life. Allah gives me a hard life, growing up with mother and without father around me and now it is vice versa. But that is not a reason for me to say my life is bad and Allah gives me something that I does not reserved to go through in my life,something that I can't afford it. What can I say after all the years that I had struggled knowing what actually happen in my family is that, Allah thanks for what U had gave me in this life..


I put all my believe on this quote from Surah Al-baqarah. Allah doesn't create anything in this world for nothing. So, I believe I have my own part of responsibility. I might not able to join Islamist force to fight the enemies of Islam, but what I can do are strengthen my iman,understand what my religion is, practice it and convey it especially to my family. It frightened me a lot to imagine our beloved one being burned in fire or being slashed to dead. Tahlil and dua after their death doesn't mean anything to save them from misdeed and from the judgment day and hereafter if they don't comply the good deeds in their dunya life. 

And biggest challenge ever convey our religion to someone who is not a muslim..yes..It is my dream to be able to convey the truth of Islam to my family.

May Allah ease my path..

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purplekyu^_^ said...

teroskan impian menjadi kenyataan. :')