Thursday, November 24, 2011

Sanah helwah.

Biar gambar berbicara dahulu(^_^).

Gifts that I received..Appreciate it show much!

This isn't a gift for me..but she's the one who have those gifts..
Pandey sik aku pose?hehehe..hiding my smile..kacak selendang Sera tok..jerawat rah dahi tek ku dah retouch.(reveal the truth,it was edited).

Thanks for those who had wished me for my birthday anniversary.For those who were not,it is fine ,because you'll don't know(I loves to keep it as a secret).Thank God for giving chance to lives longer even though a lot of sins had been done by me. Hopefully, age 20 will make me more mature and I will try to accelerate my life towards more quality of life.


ReYnn said...

perghhh,bez gila dpt hadiah2 tu :majuk

lisa said...

hehehe...tak expect pun dpt..kalo reynn dpt baju korean mesti suka erk.hehe